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Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our revolutionary digital platform is transforming business with affordable products and solutions that bring cutting edge data science and AI to enterprises around the world. Potomac is your artificial intelligence partner – we help your organization solve the challenges of big data and predictive analytics that face more industries than ever before.


Potomac’s products and solutions are all built on our proprietary, powerful data engine – simplai – the most advanced digital platform available for Artificial Intelligence and analytics. simplai can process billions of records in just seconds, determine key parameters affecting your business, understand natural language and more. Our products can help your firm extrapolate new and better insights from your unique data set; helping your organization gain a deeper understanding of your business as well as create actionable information to improve decision making and increase revenue. Thanks to our unique platform, managing the challenges of Big Data and predictive analytics are available to more industries and organizations than ever before.

Companies today are surrounded by data but starved for insight. Potomac’s data scientists help organizations solve their big data problems through the power of simplai, our advanced Artificial Intelligence engine. simplai organizes and analyzes massive quantities of data in just seconds, to spot trends and patterns which deliver new insights into your business. simplai incorporates advanced AI features including the ability to automatically determine the key parameters that affect your business, an understanding of natural language and more. Our custom-built models leverage the latest advances in AI and machine learning, putting those technologies directly into your organization’s hands. Our self-learning “Best Time to Call” product is just one example of a “machine-learning as a service” model Potomac created to increase the effectiveness of the outbound call campaign of one of our financial industry clients.
Creating a smart location that delivers a customized, seamless, and immersive experience for visitors requires a system that can capture, learn from, and respond in real-time to the incredible volume of data collected from today’s increasingly complex IoT technology. Potomac’s junosmart™ system is powered by simplai – our advanced data engine that leverages this collected information and uncovers meaningful insights; empowering your organization to create a data-driven and more engaging user experience. junosmart uses AI-based predictive analytics and machine learning to personalize real-world experiences and merge them with today’s digital lifestyle – it’s your organization’s key to increased venue management revenues and streamlined maintenance and planning. From a smart city to a smart venue, junosmart is revolutionizing the way enterprises see and use real-time data.
Potomac’s junoprotect™ application delivers a new level of security for your organization. Our junoprotect application uses hardware acceleration to process high quality videos in real time. The ability to recognize not just employee faces for identification, but objects - such as personal protective equipment - streamlines the management of worksite safety, attendance, and protocol compliance. junoprotect detects, tags and analyzes individual items such as hard hats, safety vests, or masks, and identifies the person wearing (or not wearing) the PPE, delivering real-time visual inspections of an employee’s or customer’s adherence to safety guidelines. junoprotect can monitor adherence both at start of shift, and in real-time as well as alert management to unauthorized access to restricted areas within buildings and worksites, while delivering custom reports with just a click. This AI-based system can empower management and transform your workplace into a safer, more modern environment.
Potomac’s telemus™ application combines the power of the Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence and the modeling capabilities of our proprietary data engine, simplai. Our application enables your organization to increase productivity and contain expensive costs by delivering a smarter way to reduce machine downtime and maintain large expensive manufacturing equipment. Our advanced machine learning application monitors data over time and identifies patterns in the state of equipment that can predict needed maintenance and prevent equipment failures. The ability to foresee issues reduces maintenance costs - including unnecessary repair expenses - and significantly decreases the likelihood of equipment breakdowns which leads to increased productivity and ROI.


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