Our data science team harnesses the power of our AI Engine simplai to apply the latest advances in machine learning and predictive modeling to uncover the value in your organization’s unique data set.


Potomac’s junosmart system harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to deliver accurate, real-time data insights to help organizations create not only immersive and customizable end-to-end consumer experiences at smart locations, but improve facility management, planning and customer contact programs that lead to reduced operational costs and maximized revenue.


Transform your industrial worksite into a safer, more modern environment through Potomac’s AI-based junoprotect application that monitors employee attendance and safety protocol compliance in real-time.


Potomac’s telemus application is the smart way to maintain large, expensive industrial equipment and predict potential failures that can lead to lost production hours and increased expenses.

who we are

Potomac Technologies was founded in 2016 by a team of Wall Street professionals, data scientists, AI experts and software engineers. Funded by a large private equity firm, our worldwide team has grown exponentially and is comprised of enthusiastic individuals with many years of combined experience in developing and deploying software and related applications across a variety of industries.




Rolled Out


Smart City


simplai – next-gen
PrADI Launched


Product Suite

From 2 to 200+

Team Growth has been exponential!

From 2 to 200+

Team Growth has been exponential!

what we do

Potomac has developed proprietary software and AI products that are used by leading organizations in a cross section of industries worldwide.
Our products help your organization design and deploy an analytics strategy, tailored to your unique business needs, which helps you make better data-driven decisions. In today’s business environment, where companies are surrounded by data but starved for insight, Potomac can deliver research, analytics and predictive business strategies to your firm in a matter of days. We do this using a combination of cutting-edge data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning – revolutionizing the way companies see and use the vast quantities of data they are surrounded by.